Department of Science

Science Department’s projects:

– Popular science magazine “Closer to science”
 – Discussion evenings ”Science Rocks”
 – 3D Printing Contest
– Student Scientific-Technical Conference
 – Scientific month in cooperation with Riga Stradins University
– Interest clubs


The Department of Science has worked actively and continues to work on the project “Days of Technical Creativity“, which visits students in all parts of Latvia and introduces them to the interesting parts of science.

For several years, the RTU SP Science Department has established cooperation with the RTU Department of Science which has started a project called “Science Days”. The project will grow to become “Science Month” this year, where various events, guest lectures, and discussions will be held every week in October on engineering and medicine.

In order to promote the interest of students in developing high-quality master’s thesis, the RTU SP Department of Science in cooperation with RTU Department of Science is bringing in a system that would allow authors of Master’s thesis to receive remuneration if their work is of sufficient quality to be published in a journal. The remuneration depends on the level of the magazine.

An important goal of the year is to promote interest clubs among students. Debates, electronics, programming, or even poetry. Students can find like-minded people and build their own interests club.*
*Regulations and the Application Form for Interest Clubs here. Attachment here.

For more information and questions contact:
Head of Science department
Linda Dita Ābola

Mob.: +371 26588086