Each team has its own talismans and symbols of success, which embody the values ​​and characteristics of the team.

Bear, the talisman of the RTU Student Parliament, is a symbol of peace and bellicosity, and strength.

The bear symbol is associated with:

These are the characteristics of the RTU Student Parliament team and our Bear – a special engineer who knows what’s going on in each faculty and is always present at the student’s major events.

Our Bear is not only a friend with other talismans of RTU faculties like RTU FEEM Fox, RTU FMETA Vitali (or Mehu Žigulis), RTU FMSAC Lion, but with everyone he meets.

And if you want to, he will come to your event!

Studēt tehniskās zinātnes aicina arī RTU Studentu parlaments lācis 🙂 #studijas #kostudēt #stājosrtu

Posted by Rīgas Tehniskā universitāte – RTU on pirmdiena, 2017. gada 3. jūlijs