Department of Public relations

Department of Public relations brings together creative and active young people who are not afraid to realize their crazy ideas on a paper or in a virtual environment.

Our task is to create and promote the image of the RTU Student Parliament all over the university and beyond, as well as to ensure the availability of high-quality and up-to-date information.

Here we build an information bridge between students and RTU and businesses. How we do it? We work in creative workgroups to create articles for social networks, visual materials for events, videos, broadcasts, and more.

Public relations department is a place to create something new, as well as discover and develope your talents.

If you like to create posters and articles, and you are an passionate photographer, video maker, screenwriter, or you are full of creative ideas with a desire to learn something new, join the Public relations department team and together let’s make others speechless!


For more information and questions contact:
Head of Public Relations department
Artis Mihailovs
Mob. : +371 20014690


For placing ads or advertisements contact:
RTU SP office administrator
Dita Sprukte
Mob. : +371 26113110