Do you want new challenges? 
Do you have a dream to study abroad? 
Do you want to find new friends abroad?

If at least to one of the questions you answered YES, then ERASMUS+ is what you need!

Erasmus + is a university student exchange program that allows you to study or have traineeship in another European country for a fixed period of time.
Study mobility can be 1 or 2 semesters. Traineeship is starting from 2 months.

ERASMUS+ studies are exchange studies in one of the RTU partner universities, in which you receive a  scholarship to cover your daily expenses. During the exchange studies the student retains RTU student’s satus. Obtained credit points are transfered to the RTU system, however during exchange studies you cannot obtain the diploma of a scientific degree of the chosen university.

Requirements for applicants:
– student has to be registered at least as a 3rd semester student at the Bachelor level or 2nd semester student at the Master level;
– English, German or any other EU language must be managed at a level that is suitable for learning in a particular foreign language;
– there are no academic debts;
– the average weighted grade in the previous studies is not lower than 6.0.

If you meet all the requirements, get into action!