Student Initiative Fund

RTU student, you have your own idea, maybe you want to make a Student laboratory in your faculty or just to take part in a conference and etc.? Great, because we RTU SP offer an amazing opportunity to participate in the Initiative Fund where you can get a funding for making your idea into reality.


What do you need to do?

Easy! If you have an idea that corresponds to study, science, social life, sports or culture category then tell us about it. You can do it alone or you can do it with a team there are no restrictions to that.

The application form shall be submitted before 1 March both electronically by sending it to info@rtusp.lv and in hard copy in RTU SP office (Āzenes street 8, at the working hours).

Perhaps your idea will receive the necessary funding! Total funding for this period – 10400€. Of which 1100€ is the capital funding but 9300€ performance funding.
We recommend you to get acquainted with Student Initiative fund terms, application form and other attachments because there has been some changes – here.

In all of there is some kind of innovative idea, but the key is to do everything you possibly can and to push it forward.

In case of questions contact:

RTU SP Vice President Kristens Raščevskis 26492383, kristens.rascevskis@rtusp.lv
RTU SP Head of Science department Anda Barkāne 27896240, anda.barkane@rtusp.lv