Were you planning to make fun of some friends and family with outdated jokes on the 1st of April? Dont do that! Do you want to make a real joke? Tell them that you are going to build bridges out of spaghetti, and that is not a joke – no one is going to believe you, we promise.

Baltic spghetti bridge construction competition StiKS 8 once again is happening! Also this year, the event will be held at the Faculty of Architect and Urban Planning (Ķīpsala Street 6) and without any jokes – on the 1st of April!

You will be able to build the bridges out of spaghetti not only in the usual categories (large student bridges already constructed; small student bridges constructed on site; small highschool student bridges constructed on site), but there is going to be a new one – Best designed bridge constructed on site and which specific design theme the organizers will announce on the day of the event (organizers recommend to start focus on Pastafarianism and to begin worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster). Bridges must be build in accordance with the regulation.

And so that the previous preparation would not go to waste – do not forget to fill in the application form- click here for form (by pushing the „going” button in the facebook event)(Event link) unfortunately will not be enough. Organizers want to know if you believe in trees with with their leaves as cheese?! As the number of teams (2-3 participants each) is limited, hurry up to not miss a chance to participate. The best team of the big student bridge and small student bridge category will recieve a voucher to participate in the world championship in the United States (though this is a joke, because the world championship takes place in Hungary).

We will see you on the 1st of April, in the best competition since last April! We are waiting!