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Schedule for the academic year 2016/2017

Autumn semester 01.09.2016.–23.12.2016.
Winter holiday 24.12.2016.–01.01.2017.
Winter exam period 02.01.2017.–29.01.2017.
Spring semester 30.01.2017.–08.04.2017.
Spring semester break 09.04.2017.–17.04.2017.
Spring semester 18.04.2017.–28.05.2017.
Spring exam period 29.05.2017.–22.06.2017.
Summer semester (8weeks) 26.06.2017.–18.08.2017.

Are you a student, who wants to improve the quality of your studies, to know all the academic topicalities first, to help others in case of any uncertainties? Academic affair department is waiting for you!

Academic affair department answers student questions related to studies, their process and specifics (exam period, academic failure, calculation of rank, etc.), deals with the conflicts about studies between students and RTU administration. The work of the Academic affair department is not focusing only on conflict solving and explaining, its task is to promote the improvement and effectivity of the studies by keeping in mind interests of nowadays students, to make seminars that are focused on the improvement of studies, awareness of problems and successful solutions. The department holds events to raise erudition and to popularize education and science. The department develops academic proposals to RTU administration.

If you are going to be one of us, you will always be informed about everything happening in the university.