Student Union of Latvia


Student Union of Latvia represents all students both nationally and internationally. Student Union of Latvia is an essential partner of the higher education policy makers regarding student-related questions. Role of Student Union of Latvia is written in Law on Institutions of Higher Education. It’s also a member of European Students’ Union.

– Gives opinions on students interests regarding normative act projects;
– Nominates/ elects student representatives to The Council of Higher Education and other institutions following the set normative acts;
– Ensures local student council representation in foreign countries;
– Solves other students’ representation issues within its competence;
– Organizes seminars and forums that develop student skills, replenish knowledge base and help to solve current problem questions.

Photo: Sintija Lubanova

RTU SP delegates to LSA Council members

Indra Pētersone
RTU SP Head of External Relations Department
+371 28219438

Alīna Beitane
FA SC Head of Academic Affairs Department
+371 26140371

Katrīna Sproģe
RTU SP Head of International Students Council
+371 28302801

Beate Zlaugotne
FMSAC SC Head of External Relations Department
+371 26227025