Our everyday life isn’t possible without connections. It would be hard for RTU SP without External Relations Department. Department’s aim is to foster development of RTU SP, take care of RTU SP reputation and cooperate with organizations and universities both nationally and internationally.

External Relations Department organizes information exchange, creates projects together with other universities and organizations in Latvia and also abroad. It’s also responsible for creating new and valuable contacts.

External Relations Department is like business card of RTU SP – making presentations for RTU guests, alumni network.

External Relations Department organizes RTU SP representation in Student Union of Latvia and fosters involvement of RTU students in activities of Student Union of Latvia. Head of External Relations Department is leader of RTU SP student fraction in Student Union of Latvia. Important task for department is creating information stream outside RTU.

External Relations Department must actively follow international opportunities, so they can be offered to students. One of the opportunities is to take part in those organizations that have local groups in RTU, i.e. BEST, ESTIEM. At the same time students are offered to attend educational activities abroad, i.e. conferences and summer schools.

For more information and questions contact:
Head of External relations department
Indra Pētersone

E-mail: indra.petersone@rtusp.lv
Mob.: +371 28219438