How does it work?

RTU Students Parliament (RTU SP) – the right place for all RTU students, who wish to have added value to their study time. RTU SP brings together a large number of active students from all faculties and affiliate self-governments. Everyone who engages in RTU SP activities can choose an area of interest to develop oneself, thus improving RTU students’ life both during studies and in free time.

Defending student interests in RTU desicion-making bodies, monitoring the quality of studies, solving various social issues, organizing study, scientific, sport and cultural events, co-operation with Latvian and international student organizations – this is how as a whole RTU Students Parliaments’ working areas could be described, but everyday life includes communication with like-minded people, RTU administration, generating new ideas, their implementation from A to Z, carrying out various tasks and experiencing unforgettable moments of genuine student life.

To join the RTU Student Parliaments’ active student community and find out how things are going in real life, attend a Student Self-Government meeting at your Faculty or go to any RTU Student Parliament departments meeting. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the meeting – there will almost always be an activist in the RTU SP office who will be able to tell and show you around. Looking forward to see you!


Kristens Rashchevskis